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Feb 17, 2022
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With regard to age, people aged 65 or over B2B Email List are meat suppliers the ones who continue to record the highest media consumption (22.8%).Most of the suppliers that McDonald's and Burger King work with are Spanish or subsidiaries of companies B2B Email List that have a presence in the national territory. McDonald's and Burger King advertising has B2B Email List historically focused on positioning the unique flavor of their products in the mind (and palate) of the consumer. But the truth is that what we can find in the B2B Email List premises of these two fast food giants, for example, in the United States, has little or nothing to do with what we can taste in Spain. The reason lies in something as simple as the providers . In the B2B Email List case of Spain, more than 70% of McDonald's purchase volume is made with national suppliers or those with headquarters in the country. This is how Natalia Iota, director of Purchasing, Quality B2B Email List and Environment of the company , expresses it in Expansion . This explains in the aforementioned header B2B Email List that they work with more than 60 partners with a joint workforce of more than 60,000 B2B Email LisT people. For his part, Borax Hernandez de Alba, CEO of Burger King Spain, explains that the bread with which their products are made "is fresh and is received daily in restaurants." He points out that tomatoes B2B Email List and onions are also fresh products that "are chopped at the moment".


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